The Fastest And Easiest Way To Create Professional Whiteboard Animated Videos
Commercial License Include , Selling your Videos To Customers And Profit
Make Animated Videos I n Minutes Using Only Powerpoint
Unlimited Access , No Monthly Recurring Fees
A Drag And Drop Interface  To Help You Create Professional Whiteboard Animation Inside Powerpoint
Easily, Create Customize and Draw Y our Own Whiteboard Animated Character
Step By Step Tutorials  to get started
Fully customizable  Animated Templates
Export To Any Format You Want , Save As/Export to JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4
Create Unlimited Whiteboard Videos, No Animations Skills are required
High-Quality - Easy To Use - 100% Powerpoint
Whiteboard VideoMaker  : Create Whiteboard Animations Has Never Been Easier
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Producing Whiteboard Animated Videos Now Can Be So Much Easy And SIMPLER Than Before
  • NO MORE Wasting hours of Production Time
  • And NO MORE to wait  for weeks to get visual communication videos done by PRO Designer
  • No more SPENDING THOUSAND of dollars to get Video Animation done by a professional.
  • NO NEED to learn about complicated software.
NOW You Will be Able to Easily Create Professional Whiteboard Animated Videos And it's All Done in a Few Minutes!
No Need For Costly Software And No Animations Skills Are Required
In just 3 - Easy Steps you can create engaging Animated Videos That will Imprest Your Audience 
Pick one of our proven high-quality templates.
Change and modify your templates easily, follow our tutorial, and combine it with hundreds of assets that we have provided.
Check out your own amazing, unique, whiteboard animated video.
3 Benefits Of WHiteboard Animation
The way the animation draw keeps us interested to learn what will happen next.
Whiteboard animations put people in a good mood which helps them learn. 
Research by Dr. Richard Wiseman found that 15% more information is retained from a whiteboard animation than a talking heads video.
But Creating Animated Videos Is Something That Not Everyone Can Do
Now You Will Easily Create high-quality Whiteboard Animated Video content that converts, and it's all done in a few minutes
There is A Much Easier Way
Because Most People Do These Following Mistakes :
Most people will say :
" It's really hard to make animated videos
" The cost is expensive
" I'm lazy to learn about complicated software.
Using the WRONG TOOLS  to create designs and expect it to be like a professional job
WASTE A LOT OF TIME  trying to create beautiful designs that can captive your audience
Engaging THE EXPENSIVE SERVICES of only one graphic to organize your promotion campaign
Buy a single template whose prices can reach $140 just for ONE TEMPLATE
Whiteboard VideoMaker Breaks Powerpoint Boundaries And Makes It Possible For You To Create Professional Whiteboard Animated Videos, And You Wouldn't Need Any Complicated Video Sofware To Use!
  • NO NEED to learn about complicated software
  • NO MORE wasting hours of production time
  • No more SPENDING THOUSAND of dollars to get Video Animation done by professional
  • NO MORE to wait for weeks to get visual communications videos done by pro designer
This is the Fastest and Easiest Way To Create Professional Whiteboard Animated Videos
Within  Minutes You Can Create A High-Quality Whiteboard Animated Videos
As you can see it's easy and intuitive, with Whiteboard VideoMaker anyone can make a professional- looking whiteboard animation using a simple drag & drop interface. 
How to Create a Whiteboard Animation In Less Than 60 seconds?
Imprest your Viewers with these Different Style Of Animations
                Style 2
Style 1
Black & White
Have complete freedom to play, experiment and create !
Set the perfect theme for your message by creating your projects in timeless Black , Black & White and Color
Get Amazing Items in 3 Art Styles : Blank, Black & White and Full Color
Whiteboard VideoMaker was created and editable in Powerpoint which means if you have an office on your device, you don't have to spend any more money to buy a video editor.
Created With 100% Powerpoint
Now Take a closer look all the modules of Whiteboard VideoMaker
Module 1 : Whiteboard Animated Templates
 Explainer Video 1
Explainer Video 2
Explainer Video 3
Explainer Video 4
Animated Video
Module # 2  Whiteboard Animated Character Creator
Create Unlimited Whiteboard Animated Characters
Upper Body
Full Body
Module # 3 Whiteboard ILLUSTRATOR
Emotional Characters
Family Character
Business People
Bonus # 4  Whiteboard Design Elements
Business Elements
Design Elements
Get Instant to the Whiteboard Video Maker
Backed by a full 30-Day Money back Guarantee
5 Professional Pre-Animated Templates
Create Unlimited Whiteboard Animated Characters
Commercial License : Sell Video Service To your Clients
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Complete Tutorial
+100 Whiteboard illustrations
+100 Design Elements
+100 Business Elements
Whiteboard VideoMaker  : Create Whiteboard Animations Has Never Been Easier
Act now and get Whiteboard VideoMaker with special discount :  19,90$ instead of 37$
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Personnal License :
[Yes]  Can be used in graphics or print
[Yes]  Unlimited usage for your own projects only
[Yes]  Can be edited
[No] Offer a bonus or a giveaway this package for free
Commercial License :
The terms of the commercial license are :
[Yes]  Use on unlimited projects
[NO]  Offer as a bonus or give away for free
[Yes]  Use to create videos or designs for your clients
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[Q] : How Will I Receive My Order?
[Q] : What is your Refund Policy ?
[Q] : How about license ?
Whiteboard VideoMaker was created with Powerpoint 365 for Windows & Mac. 
You need to use the same version especially for creating whiteboard animated characters. Make sure that you have Powerpoint 365!
Although it does not rule out the possibility that its product can be used in Powerpoint version of 2010 and above.
[Q] :How about software and compatibility ?
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